Established in 1931 as a real estate management company, the Rubinstein Company has been managing luxury sheltered housing for over 15 years. Our experience, knowledge and economic resilience guarantee you peace of mind, security, continuity and stability.

Each one of our four estates – Ahuzat Rishonim (in Rishon Le’zion), Ahuzat Poleg (In Kibbutz Tel Yitzhak), Ahuzat Tzahala (in the New Tzahala neighborhood in Tel Aviv), and Ahuzat Beit Hakerem (in Jerusalem) – has been carefully planned so that we can provide you with comfortable and peaceful residence within a safe and secure environment.
From the moment you join the Rubinstein Estates you won’t feel alone. You’ll feel like you’ve come home. You’ll feel like a member of a warm, supportive and loving community.

Each estate features a resident team that is wholly committed to looking after your personal well-being. Everything that’s important to you is important to us as well. Your quality of life, satisfaction are our priorities. We also take your security seriously: the premises are protected by 24-hour surveillance and security guards for that extra feeling of safety.

Each of our four estates boasts spacious apartments, which are built at an especially high standard and in fine taste. The apartments, which consist of two extended rooms or three rooms, are equally well-designed and pleasant, and are also very comfortable and practical.
The Rubinstein Estates are geared toward individuals who know how to enjoy life and love to take advantage of every spare moment to enjoy sports, cultural events and social activities.

Outside the apartments, the facilities and services waiting for you will turn life into an ongoing vacation. You’ll find advanced sport centers which include a heated pool, gyms, spa, and special recreational activities for both body and soul; a variety of events and daily activities, including lectures, craft courses, movies, excursions, dance parties and social gatherings; as well as a synagogue, library, billiard table, and much, much more.