The recovery period following an operation or hospitalization may be prolonged and hard to cope with for yourself and your family. Precisely because of this we established a unique recovery program at the Rubinstein Estates, which provides nursing and medical services at the highest level.


The recovery wings, located in each of the Rubinstein Estates, are intended for individuals who are interested in recovering in the utmost comfort and with the best conditions after an operation or hospitalization, or to give the family a bit of free time to themselves while their loved one is under our dedicated nursing care.

Residence principles in the Recovery Wings and PrivateCare nursing treatment:
– Personal treatment.
– Each resident has a personalized treatment program fitted to their unique needs.
– Each resident, whether under ongoing nursing care or a recovery period following an operation or illness, resides in a spacious, luxurious apartment built to the highest standard.
– The wing’s residents have the privilege of receiving nursing, medical monitoring and supervision from the estate’s professional team.
– Each resident is entitled to employ a caregiver who provides personal treatment, in addition to the nursing and medical supervision provided by the estate’s team.
– Distress buttons are found in all apartments and receive immediate responses.
– There are a variety of cultural, social and sporting activities in the recovery wings.
– Above all, we show respect to our residents and provide them with special attention when it comes to maintaining their privacy, health and security, ensuring they can enjoy the very best standard of living during their time with us.